A change

And so I have witnessed yet another return of the sun to where it was  when I first came into this world some 48 years ago. I do not feel 48  and have lost 20 odd years of living with he result I feel in my 20’s and am the happiest I have been in many years.

On the 28th of July, Somebody new came into this world she is fully formed in almost everywhere and has all the accumulated wisdom of someone who has seen many summers, but has only seen one. I must welcome my new self into the world her name is Jessica and starts off from where her old self left off.

In short Peter has left the building and Jessica has been left in charge and will no doubt be changing this domain name to suit her own devices the content may change ( quite a bit) as will many things.

This is a new and exciting time in my life and I hope you enjoy reading as things progress. It is early days at the moment however my man wardrobe has been kicked out and replaced with clothes that are considerably more comfortable.