Apart from work and study and more work, one of my great loves is painting. Over the last couple of weeks I have been working at the easel. A few disasters have come out and they got thrown away; it would seem I have done enough nudes or, should I be honest and say naked women.

DSC_0195                                                        MVC-023S

I heard the words of my fiancé in my ears, reminding that stuff cheapens my work. I do not think she was saying this because the subject matter upset her; she was being honest and I have to agree with her — from what was coming out of my brush, it was clear a change was needed.

DSC_0196                                                             IMG010

A month or so ago, I was eating breakfast at my favourite café in Oxford city; it’s a ritual I have when I find myself there with time on my hands. It was one of those days that I decided to go rooting through my old emails — the archive, drafts and so on and there amongst the dross, which was subsequently deleted. With thirteen years or so of backlog, there was quite a lot of stuff to work through. During this, a couple of old photos cropped up: one that had been a long time forgotten and another that had been a long time lost.
We had a long, hot and particularly dry summer this year and many places saw localised fires, some of them set deliberately. One of those places was Saddleworth Moor, up in the North West of England. It was on this moor that the notorious Moors murderers buried their victims. However, that is another story. There is a photo of a woman walking up the road from this time; it is very dark from the smoke and she is wearing a gas mask. It’s an interesting image.

saddleworthmoorfire                                          dsc_0197.jpg
Of the other two, one was taken at a pub somewhere close by to here; maybe it was in Iffley. I was with my mate the bus driver.

Last but not least, there was the other picture. The one I had forgotten about; it was taken in the Basque country of Northern Spain at a painted forest art installation. It’s best viewed if you are not colour blind and your eyes work together, Still it was a nice sunny day and the company was good to.

You can see more of it here: and here: